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life through Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

At West Street Evangelical Church our desire is that we might become more fully, 'a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit.'  Each area of church life mentioned here contributes to this end.  We recognize and affirm that it is only by the Holy Spirit working in and through us that our vision can be achieved.


A worshiping church

In which people of all ages and circumstances can worship God, expressing our love for Him in praise, repentance and practical commitment.


A praying church

In which we pray together for ourselves, the local community and the wider world, also as a congregation and in smaller groups, believing that God will act in answer to our prayers.


A teaching and serving church

In which the Word of God is fully and faithfully taught, and where we are encouraged and trained to use our gifts in serving the Lord and each other.


A generous and caring church

In which we give generously to God's work from our material resources and where we give ourselves to each other in caring, encouraging and supportive ways.


An evangelising church

In which we undertake seriously to reach out with the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ, among our friends and in the neighbourhood of the church, using a range of approaches and means.


A growing church

In which we pray and work for a significant increase in membership through conversion and transfer growth, and a developing maturity among the members.


A sending church

In which individuals hear God's call to serve Him, in this country and overseas and where we can recognize and support them in that work.


A welcoming church

In whose warm and loving atmosphere all visitors may experience what it means to be in the family of God.

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